Providing magazines to businesses for over 15 years

Our company, Magz2U have been providing a magazine rental and subscription service to Kiwi businesses for over 15 years. You pick the package, we deliver either brand new or fairly recent (depending on budget) magazines, and fortnightly, the magazines get swapped out for new titles. We beautifully arrange the table making it ready for your customers to enjoy.

No more errands to the supermarket, racking up the bill getting a sufficient quantity of magazines for the waiting room, creating build-ups of out-of-date mags or paying for expensive subscriptions – you pay one price, no matter the individual retail cost of the magazines provided.

You walk into a waiting room. Your doctor’s running late; the room is full but for that one seat between a crying child and the wall. You sit down, resigned to a miserable wait when you suddenly spot the latest issue of your favourite magazine. Perhaps the wait might not be as bad as you thought! You flick through the pages, finding out the latest gossip and getting hints for a life well-lived. When the doctor finally emerges, you’ve barely noticed the time tick by – in fact, could he just wait a minute longer while you finish the article you’re reading?

That’s the power of magazines. You know all too well how one simple thing can turn a waiting room experience from an awful drag into a delightful break from the stresses of day-to-day life. With them, your customers can be entertained while waiting. Without them, your business would be missing out on a necessary piece of the customer experience puzzle.

Everyone wants their customers to have a great experience – that’s how you build loyalty and get people coming back, or telling their friends about you. Make your customers’ wait time enjoyable instead of frustrating through the power of magazines, and make getting those magazines easy with the Magz2U rental and subscription service. You focus on your business; we’ll focus on the mags.

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